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Alfa Gas Energy places significant emphasis on relationship development and investor communication. A significant amount of senior management time is dedicated to meeting with our investors, financial and technical partners. 

AGEL believes its regional focus, presence, experience and track record represent a significant competitive advantage for the firm relative to other energy capital providers and a compelling value proposition for energy companies across the globe seeking capital. Local offices are typically responsible for sourcing, leading and monitoring transactions in their markets, but the company is able to draw on its specialized resources and capabilities, technical or sector specific, with particular regard to the geographic focus of the investment opportunity. AGEL’s continued regional focus has ensured that we possess the best risk/return characteristics in the industry.

AGEL seeks to focus on non-sponsored transactions, in which it is typically the only financial investor, where AGEL's technical expertise, responsiveness and creativity allow it to craft customized financing solutions that meet the return objectives of our company as well as the corporate and strategic objectives of our corporate partners. Additionally, AGEL believes its history and collective experience of our founders and management will make us the partner of choice for leading energy and resource companies,giving us a meaningful competitive advantage. AGEL seeks to maintain and cultivate strong relationships with key global energy and resource companies.

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